Matcha Latte Ice Cubes

Moriah SukrawMar 1, '18

Melty goodness. The middle of September is an odd time for me. I mean, it feels as though summer should be relieving its duties to autumn yet it isn't quite the time. For me, it's definitely a let down because I'm ready for sweaters all year round; I practically live in blankets.

Honey Matcha Hot Chocolate

Moriah SukrawOct 5, '17

Melted white bliss in a cute little cup. Nothing makes the holidays more perfect than a cup of hot cocoa. There's something about the nostalgia of it that just makes it as blissful of an experience as it is. Let's not forget about the joy of marshmallows too! I like...

Strawberry Matcha Milkshake Fudge

Moriah SukrawSep 29, '17

Delightfully delectable in the tiniest morsel. As we slowly exchange the summer treats for autumn ones, I thought I would share one that's been a crowd preference.This treat has been a fruity favorite of mine for a few years now. And out of nowhere ingenuity struck – what about adding matcha...

Matchia Seed Pudding

Moriah SukrawAug 25, '17