Tea Fit for a Fit Life

Lift Fit Loose Leaf TeaWe've done it again! Full Leaf has come up with a delicious organic tea blend that has amazing health benefits! Organic Live Fit Tea is a blend that was specially formulated by our artisan blenders to have a delicious citrus flavor and boost your fitness level. 

The key to any workout regimen is to have the energy to complete it. Live Fit boosts and sustains energy levels with its all natural, organic green tea and ashwaganda root.

The next most important thing for fitness is to protect your muscles from damage and aid in recovery so you can go hard day after day. Our proprietary blend of herbs combine to give your body the nutrients it needs to recover quickly.

Why do we all want to be fit? To look and stay younger and sexier of course! Live Fit contains epicedium leaf and ashwaganda root which have anti-aging effects and boost libido. So you can look and feel young!




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