Tea for Your Mood

Tea can inspire feelings and help change your mood. Depending on what your desire is at the moment, different teas will be the most helpful in serving your needs! Whether it is calming, energizing, uplifting, healing, or focusing, Full Leaf has it all! 


Calming: After a long day, these soothing teas can help you relax.

    Organic Peppermint                   Org. Blood Orange Rooibos



Energizing: If you are in the need of a pick-me-up and a quick boost of energy, these teas will do the trick!

    Organic Yerba Mate                  Org. Sweet Matcha Energy

               Sweet matcha energy 


Uplifting: These refreshing teas can lift your mood and make your day a little happier!

 Org. Lemon Ginger Mate                 Organic Pink Tea

              Organic Pink Tea


Healing: Feeling down from colds or allergies? These teas have special ingredients with medicinal properties!

 Org. Immunity Blend                       Org. Throat Clarity



Focusing: Need some help to focus throughout the day? These teas will help keep you sharp.

    Organic Ceylon Green                 Ceremonial Matcha

Organic Ceylon green             


 Help improve your day with these tasty teas! For a full life, drink Full Leaf Tea!

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