Matcha Tips and Tricks!

Matcha is growing to be one of the biggest health foods! Matcha green tea powder is filled with antioxidants, amino acids and vital nutrients making it an essential addition to any diet!

With so many different types of matcha "out for sale", and so many different recipes and instructions, it can be confusing to know how to start drinking and eating this amazing power food! Here are a few tips and tricks for matcha beginners that I have found to be helpful!


  1. Make sure you have the proper tools!

Matcha is supposed be delicious and healthy, but sometimes if you don’t have the right tools matcha can taste wrong. If you are planning on drinking matcha straight, my advice is to purchase a bamboo whisk. Using a spoon or a metal whisk to mix your matcha often causes the powder to not mix thoroughly enough, and can result in a chalky taste.


  1. Find the right grade of matcha!

Depending on what you are planning to use your matcha for, different grades will suit Matcha Tea powderyour needs best. If you are drinking matcha the traditional way (just whisking it with hot water), Ceremonial grade matcha will yield the best results as it has the best flavor profile. If you plan on using matcha for baking or mixing in smoothies, I recommend using culinary grade matcha. Culinary matcha has the same health benefits as ceremonial matcha, but is less expensive. When you bake matcha the flavor profile is not noticeable; by using culinary matcha you’ll get great results and the most bang for your buck. Premium grade matcha works great for drinking traditionally and for baking.


  1. Try hot and iced matcha!

Making matcha the traditional way is delicious and easy. The small serving size makes it an easy go-to for a quick burst of energy. However, other times it is nice to enjoy matcha for a longer time. Making matcha iced tea is a great way to have a whole glass of matcha. If you make your matcha iced tea in a shakeable container, you can mix up the ingredients occasionally while you are drinking it. This helps keep the matcha powder from separating as it sits in the cup. I love both ways of drinking matcha, and which one I choose ususally depends on what mood I’m in that day!


  1. Nervous to add matcha to a recipe? Add it to something you know you already like!

One of my favorite ways to use matcha is to add it to smoothies. However, I am no chef Matcha Smoothieand don’t even own a blender. I was so nervous to try and make a smoothie in the beginning and had no clue where to start. The solution I found was going to a local smoothie shop! Most smoothie places will be happy to accommodate you and will let you bring in your own matcha. By doing this, I was able to choose a green smoothie that I already knew I loved, and add matcha for the health benefits. The result was delicious! A smoothie is a great first recipe for a matcha beginner to try, and this is a great, easy way to start!


  1. Look for a bright green!

When picking out matcha, a good indicator or quality is the color of the powder. Bright green is what you should be looking for. Avoid matcha that looks gray or dusty. Also make sure that the matcha doesn’t contain any fillers, like cornstarch. 


Have fun experimenting with your matcha and enjoy!





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