8 Reasons Matcha is

Matcha has become a household staple, but why??? 

According to CBS News, Matcha is number 2 on the list, and they got it right!!! 

"Matcha is an all-natural powerhouse beverage brought to us from Japan that meets popular demands for energy, vitality, and nutrition. Made from crushed green tea leaves, Matcha is packed with antioxidants, L-theanine, and beta carotenes. With less caffeine than green tea, Matcha provides a calmer, more even energy boost."

But this miracle food will not just "trend" for 2015. With all of its health benefits and extremely smooth taste (high grade matcha), matcha will continue to be the power food we all need! 

Check out our infographic below for some really compelling reasons to integrate matcha into your daily routine! And click here to buy our Premium Matcha!



Full Leaf Tea Company

Full Leaf Tea Company

Hi Jeanette!
Matcha is powdered green tea made from the finest tencha leaves in Japan. You whisk it into water or mix it into lattes, smoothies or baked goods. It is jam packed with antioxidants, gives you tons of energy, and has numerous health benefits. And it tastes great! Please go to our matcha page to get more info and check out all of the amazing options http://fullleafteacompany.com/collections/matcha-green-tea

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What is matcha I will like more information

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