2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Tea

The holidays are here! Find a gift for every tea lover on your list with our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

For the one whose Christmas lights were up on November 1st:

There are many people who just can't wait for the holiday season to start! They are the first ones to start playing Christmas music, decorate their house, etc. This tin of Organic Holiday Cheer is the perfect gift for them! (You may even want to give it to them early so they can enjoy it all season long.)

Organic Holiday Cheer is a tea inspired by the flavors and aromas of Christmastime. Oolong tea gives a rich nutty flavor to this spiced blend. Cinnamon and cloves fill the air with an aroma that reminds us of being home for the holidays. However, the real star of this blend is anise pods and anise essential oil. They give this blend its seasonal flavor that will warm the soul and bring out everyone's inner child this holiday season.

For the one who is always on the go:

Energize On The Go Kit Loose leaf tea

Have a friend who is always on the move? This is the gift for them. Our signature On-The-Go kits include two full size tea tins and our durable vacuum flask infuser bottle. This bottle is the perfect accessory because it keeps tea hot for hours and hours. And if you're like me, when you're in a hurry you may forget about the tea you just brewed. With this bottle, the tea will still be hot when you remember it two hours later.

Our On-The-Go Kits come in a variety of different wellness options. Personalize the gift for your friend by picking the kit that will best suit them. Options include Energize On-The-Go, Relax On-The-Go, Fitness On-The-Go, and more! View all of our On-The-Go Kits by clicking HERE.

For the one who already has everything:

Ceremonial Matcha Starter Kit

If you have someone on your list who you just can't think of a gift for, give them our Ceremonial Matcha Starter Kit! Matcha has been a popular tea in Asia for centuries, but it is just now catching on in the United States. It has grown in popularity because of its amazing health benefits. 

Full Leaf's Ceremonial Matcha Starter Kit makes a beautiful gift because it comes with all the unique and delicate accessories used to create a traditional cup of matcha. It includes a ceramic matcha bowl, a bamboo whisk, a ceramic whisk holder, a bamboo matcha scoop, a 40 serving tin of our highest grade of matcha powder, and a craft gift box.  

This is a great gift for a first time matcha drinker because it includes everything they need to make a perfect cup of matcha tea! If the recipient is familiar with matcha, they will appreciate the quality of Full Leaf's top grade Japanese Ceremonial Matcha. 

Last but not least, the gift that works for everyone on your list:

Full Leaf Holiday Sampler Loose Leaf Tea

When in doubt, go with our Holiday Sampler. Each year we introduce a Holiday Tea sampler with four of our favorite teas for the season. The great thing about a sampler is that it gives the recipient four different teas to try. This way they will be sure to find a favorite!

Our Holiday Sampler includes four sample tins of loose leaf tea, each holding about 5-7 servings of tea. The teas included are Organic Rooibos (caffeine free), Organic Mint Bliss (green tea), Organic Holiday Cheer (oolong tea), and Organic Orange Cinnamon Spice (black tea). The sampler also includes a pack of our Natural Paper Drawstring Tea Bags. If the recipient of your gift is not used to making loose leaf tea, they will love how easy these drawstring tea bags are to use.

Check out our entire Holiday Gift Collection HERE.

We hope you enjoyed our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide! If you want more help picking out a gift, please reach out to us at Customers@FullLeafTeaCompany.com and we will be happy to help!



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