2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Tea!

The holidays are here! We couldn't be more excited that the season of giving has arrived, and we can't wait to pick out the perfect gifts for all our friends and family.

We have made checking off everyone on your list a little easier this year by creating this Holiday Gift Guide! Find the perfect present in no time with these helpful ideas.

Under $25

Holiday Tea Sampler

Holiday Sampler $24.95
This festive sampler is a perfect gift for anyone on your list! The Holiday Sampler includes four of our favorite teas for the season: Organic Holiday Cheer, Organic Mint Bliss, Organic Rooibos, and Organic Orange Cinnamon Spice. Each tea comes in a adorable sample tin and has approximately 5-7 servings of tea. Because all of our tea is loose leaf tea, every sampler also includes a pack of our Natural Paper Drawstring Tea Bags. Just scoop a teaspoon of tea into the bag, pull the drawstring shut, and steep in cup a hot water!


 Fruit Blend Tea Sampler

Fruit Blend Sampler $22.95
Full Leaf's Fruit Blend Sampler is a perfect gift for your friend with a sweet tooth! The four teas in this sampler are packed with fruity and tart flavors, making each cup of tea a delicious (and guilt free) treat. The teas included in this sampler are Fruitea Tang, Very Berry Bunch, Tropical Escape, and Sweet Cherry Berry. This sampler also includes a pack of our Natural Paper Drawstring Tea Bags for easy prep.

Healthy You Sampler - For HerHealthy You Sampler - For Him
Healthy You Samplers (Choose between For Her or For Him) $24.95 each
Full Leaf's wellness inspired samplers come in two different options, Healthy You Sampler - For Her and Healthy You Sampler - For Him. Each sampler includes four teas with specific health goals. The For Her Sampler contains Organic Sleeping TranquiliTea, Organic Detox Tea, Organic Beauty Me Tea, and Organic Pink Tea. The For Him Sampler contains Organic Sleeping TranquiliTea, Organic Detox Tea, Organic Vita Me Tea, and Organic Live Fit Tea. This sampler is the perfect gift for someone who loves wellness and fitness!


Tea Canister (Choose between Yellow or Blue) $14.95 each
These decorative tea canisters make beautiful gifts! Store any loose leaf tea in this air tight tea canister. The inner plastic lid provides a double seal to keep the tea as fresh as possible. Beautiful and functional!


Under $50

Ultimate Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

Ultimate Tea Sampler $49.95
Full Leaf's Ultimate Tea Sampler is a collection of 8 bestselling loose leaf teas! This huge variety of teas guarantees that everyone will find a favorite. The 8 sample tins included are Organic English Breakfast, Organic Orange Cinnamon Spice, Organic Sleeping TranquiliTea, Organic Beauty Me Tea, Organic Live Fit Tea, Organic Masala Chai, Organic Ceylon Green, and Organic Detox Tea. This sampler also includes 60 of our natural paper drawstring tea bags to help prepare the loose leaf tea.


Holiday On-The-Go Kit $49.95
This kit includes two full-size tins of loose leaf tea, plus our Vacuum Flask Infuser Bottle! Everything you need to start brewing a perfect cup of tea is included in this exclusive set. You'll love the two teas included in this kit: Organic Kingston Earl Grey and Organic Peppermint. Brew the teas easily using the included Vacuum Flask Tea Infuser, and enjoy how it keeps your tea the perfect temperature for hours and hours!


Matcha and Frother Set (Choose between Organic Sweet Matcha, Organic Premium Matcha, and Ceremonial Matcha) $29.95-$49.95
Make matcha quickly and easily with this exclusive matcha set! Our Matcha and Frother Set includes a full size tin of matcha and our new electric frother!
Choose between Ceremonial, Organic Premium Matcha, or Organic Sweet Matcha Original. Simply add a scoop of matcha to a bowl, and pour in 4 ounces of hot water. Then use the frother to quickly blend a perfect cup of matcha! A perfect gift for those new to matcha.


Full Leaf Glass Infuser Tea Pot $29.95
Make a delicious pot of loose leaf tea in our Glass Infuser Teapot! This heat resistant glass teapot is the perfect size to brew two cups of tea. Use the built in infuser to add tea leaves to the teapot and easily brew all types of tea. This elegant but durable teapot is sure to be a favorite. 


Under $100

Tea On-The-Go Kit

Tea On-The-Go Kit $69.95
We have combined two of our most wanted items for this exclusive tea set! Our On-The-Go Tea Set includes the Ultimate Tea Sampler and the Vacuum Flask Infuser Bottle. Full Leaf's Ultimate Tea Sampler is a combination of our favorite classic loose leaf teas and wellness blends! We have selected our bestsellers for this bold and flavorful sampler. With a wide variety of black, green, and rooibos teas, this sampler is the perfect introduction to what Full Leaf has to offer! Brew the teas with ease in the Flask Bottle Infuser! Made of stainless steel, the infuser bottle is perfect for hot or iced tea. It keeps your drink the perfect temperature for hours!


Ceramic Teapot and Tea Cups Set

Ceramic Teapot and Tea Cup Set $74.95
This beautiful tea set is a perfect gift for any tea lover. The Ceramic Teapot has a built in strainer, making it ideal for brewing loose leaf tea. This set also includes 4 matching tea cups, and everything fits nicely on the included bamboo tray. A great gift for those who love to entertain!

Healthy Tea System - Stress Relief

Healthy Tea System - Stress Relief $69.95

The Healthy Tea System for Stress Relief is a 30 Day Tea Cleanse designed to improve relaxation and reduce stress. This set comes with 30 servings of both Organic Relieve Stress and Organic Herbal Comfort Tea, the Full Leaf Vacuum Flask Tea Infuser Bottle, the Full Leaf Signature Tea Spoon, 60 natural paper drawstring tea bags, and a calendar to help stay on track during the 30 day cleanse. This set is a wonderful and thoughtful gift for those who are always on-the-go.


We hope you found this holiday gift guide helpful! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below!

Happy Holidays!



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