Time to Talk About Steeping Time!

So many friends have talked to me about, "how long to steep" different types of tea like it's a LAW.  If it steeps one second too long, its RUINED, right?!  

Now, their are recommended steeping times for different types of teas and we give all of our customers the best recommendation for each type.

BUT, don't be afraid to test different steeping times and water temperatures!  You will experience different flavors in the same tea and you may be surprised by how much more you like a specific tea!

If you do decide to be a REBEL and change your steeping times and water temps, let me give you some advise (to use or not).  

In general, the cooler the water and shorter the steeping time, the lighter the flavor of your tea.  And vice versa.  

So have fun experimenting and let us know what you discover!



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