The Coffee Killer

Coffee Killer Sweet Matcha EnergyFor those of you that don't know, Full Leaf Tea Company is headquartered in the Pacific Northwest.  It is an absolutely beautiful place to live and we love almost everything about it.  The "drink of choice" here is COFFEE! (ewwww)!

We kept hearing from our "local friends", "tea doesn't have near enough caffeine" or "I crave coffee, and will get a headache without it." So to answer, we came up with Organic Sweet Matcha Energy.

Organic Sweet Matcha Energy is made with our Organic Premium Matcha, organic cane sugar, and organic guarana seed powder. 

Guarana seed happens to have some of the highest concentrations of caffeine you can find in nature! It has 2.5 times the caffeine as coffee!!!  And not only is there more caffeine, it stays with you longer and doesn't "crash" you like coffee does!

This blend is full of natural ingredients with a palate pleasing taste without the "add flavor" or the "add cream"(like coffee), so every part of this drink is pure!

Take the challenge! Whether you're a "die hard" coffee drinker or you're looking for a guilt free caffeine boost, Sweet Matcha Energy is for YOU! We can't wait to hear from you! See what others are saying HERE!



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