We've all seen the ads for "miracle teas" that will help you lose weight instantly. They show beautiful girls in their swimsuits or wearing their favorite LBD (Little Black Dress), but how do they work? Before you take the plunge in purchasing a "teatox" (tea-detox) read the ingredients... All of them, not just the ones they highlight in the ad. 

I can't speak for all "teatox" companies, but many of them have added diuretics or laxatives. We all know what they do! But it can hurt the natural digestive process and if used too frequently, and cause problems after you stop taking them. 

The other thing to "run from" is artificial flavoring. If your goal is to detox your system of things your body doesn't "need" why use a tea with an ARTIFICIAL flavor to try? Rule of thumb, if you can't read the ingredients clearly, it's probably not the "miracle" you're looking for. 

We came up with a 28 Day Cleanse to try and help those who are looking for a jumpstart on their healthy body goals, and maintain the ones they have already achieved. We are not claiming to drop inches off your waistline, but with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, the 28 day cleanse will be the perfect partner to help reach your goals. 

Organic Detox Tea (Herbal blend-decaf for relaxation)

Holy basil (tulsi)- Stress relief and relaxation, immune boosting, detoxification properties, anti-aging 

Spearmint: Aids in digestion and reduced flatulence the "great balancer"

Rose hips: High in Vitamin A, commonly known as the "skin vitamin", helps to regenerate skin cells. The fruit acid with the rose hip is also a mild laxative, often used to aid in minor constipation. Great flavor and packed full of vitamin C

Lemon verbena: Lemon Verbena has a long list of health benefits including weight loss, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, digestive health, decongestant, and it has the unique benefit of protecting your muscles from damage from exercise! Besides it's numerous health benefits, Lemon Verbena adds a delicious citrus flavor to Organic Detox.

Linden Leaf and Flower: Combats anxiety and aids in relaxation, helps excrete toxins from your body naturally. 


Organic Skinny Natural Tea (caffeinated for the morning, or all day boost)

Organic Oolong Qilan- Aids in healthy weightless and maintenance. Helps stave off afternoon sweet cravings.

Organic Ginge root- Acts as a fat burner, aids in weight loss by creating a "full-feeling" to keep food cravings away.

Organic Sweet Cinnamon- Works as an anti-inflammatory, packed with antioxidants, and suppresses appetite.




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