Iced London Fog: A Better Way to Latte

A better way to latté.

When I was a coffee fanatic, I believe the biggest reason why I couldn't bring myself to make the switch to tea was the flavor I believed I would be missing out on. My favorite drinks usually involved milk and some flavor, whether it was an Americano, latte, cappuccino, etc. Maybe this is a reason you can't break the cycle either. Let me tell you - tea is more versatile than you would believe!
I didn't believe that statement at first, but the more I loosened the reigns and became flexible with my morning drink-of-choice, the more tasteful my cup became. Need some extra "umph" in your green tea? Give our Organic Sweet Matcha a go. Love your vanilla latte? Try Organic Earl Grey with steamed milk and honey. Can't give up the dark taste of coffee? Test out our blackest tea. 
In sticking with tea on a regular basis, the biggest factor for change is how much better I feel drinking tea versus coffee. No more bloating or stomach sickness; only the benefits of caffeine. With all the variety that is so easily accessed, it makes finding the perfect fit of tea for you a bit easier. And let's not forget that tea can also come iced, just as easily as coffee. Allow me to show you an example.
Iced London Fog.
This is my classic go to, both hot and iced! Yet with the coming hot weather, the iced version is a sweet way to cool down. Earl Grey beholds so much flavor; the rich bergamot really adds that extra bit of special to your sip. If you're looking for a classic blend, Organic Earl Grey will do the trick. Earl Grey De La Creme has a sweet vanilla twist to it, while our Kingston Earl Grey provides a subtle pop of citrus to the blend. Even if decaf is more your style, a decaffeinated version of this timeless favorite is our Organic Herbal Earl using rooibos! There's something for everyone.

Prep time: 2 minutes || Cook time: 5 minutes || Total time: 7 minutes


-1-2 teaspoons Earl Grey of choice
-1-2 teaspoons sweetener of choice (i.e. honey, agave, or go without if you so desire)
*If you're looking for subtle floral sweetness in your sip, Lavender simple syrup may suit your fancy. Try making your own by clicking the link!
-1 cup boiled water (though we will only be using about 8 oz)
-1 large cup of ice
-1/2 cup milk of choice


1.) Begin by boiling a cup of water.
2.) Either by using our Natural Paper Drawstring Teabags or a loose leaf steeper, let the desired amount of tea steep in an 8-10oz cup of boiled water for 3-5 minutes, depending on preference.
3.) Prepare a large cup of ice in your cup of choice.
4.) If using a sweetener, add the desired amount to ice cup.
5.) Once finished steeping, take out teabag and pour tea over ice, swirling so that tea cools.
6.) Add the milk to the top, and add extra ice if needed.

Sip Serendipity!

It's a wonderful go-to for every tea preference. Make one today and enjoy serendipitous sipping in the sunshine! 



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