Coconut Rose Earl Grey Latte

Coconut Rose Earl Grey Latte

Moriah SukrawDec 6, '17

Quiet comfort.

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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes...

This Coconut Rose Earl Grey Latte is richly dreamy. It warms, even in the prospects of the cooling weather and winter. One sip of this dreamy delicacy and you'll know that you've gone to heaven. If you've ever had lavender and Organic Earl Grey, just know that rose and Organic Earl Grey is a worthy competitor. Add that to coconut milk, and you have an airy tea latte with hints of floral and subtle sweetness that just seems to hug your tastebuds!

On any given day, this recipe is a good go-to for anyone, as it's a fast and easy make! Don't let the cold settle - toast on up with this softly sweet treat!

 Full Leaf Tea Co Coconut Rose Earl Grey Steeping Tea


– 1 cup hot water

– 2 - 3 Organic Earl Grey teabags

– 3 tbsp dried rose petals

– 1 cup coconut milk

– 1 tsp raw honey, or to taste


1.) Bring the water to a boil either on the stovetop or using an electric kettle. Allow the water to cool just slightly, then pour it into a heatproof jug or mason jar before adding the tea bags and rose petals. Steep according to the instructions, using more tea bags if you would like a stronger brew. Once the tea has brewed, remove and discard the tea bags.

2.) While the tea is steeping, add the coconut milk and honey to a small saucepan on the stovetop. Whisk together and heat until the coconut milk is steaming – do not boil. Remove the warmed milk from the stovetop.

3.) Pour the brewed tea through a tea strainer to remove the rose petals and discard them. Divide the tea evenly between two cups or glasses. Pour the warmed coconut milk into a 12 oz frothing pitcher. Use a handheld milk frother and froth until the coconut milk has increased in volume and has plenty of bubbles on top (Alternatively, if your saucepan has a pouring lip, you could froth it in the pan and pour straight from the pan, too).

4.) Add the vanilla powder or rose water (to taste, if using) then divide the frothed coconut milk between the two cups or glasses.Sprinkle the foam with additional rose petals or a drizzle of honey if you like.

Full Leaf Tea Company Coconut Rose and Earl Grey Tea Latte Blog Post

Softly and florally sweet.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas yet?

Recipe developed by Meatified.

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