Guilt Free Dessert Worthy Teas

Do you have a sweet tooth?

It can be hard to say no to delicious sweets after a good meal. After all, who doesn't love dessert?

However, while cupcakes, brownies, and ice cream all sound like a great idea at the time, afterwards they can leave you feeling bloated, tired, and maybe even nauseous. 

Next time your sweet tooth starts acting up, try switching to one of these guilt-free, dessert worthy teas instead.

Organic Mint Cocoa Pu-Erh

Cacao nibs and spearmint leaves combine to create a delicious mint cocoa flavor in this rich pu-erh blend. Pu-erh is a highly caffeinated tea which goes through a unique fermentation process. This gives the tea a bold earthy flavor which pairs perfectly with chocolate. Pu-erh also has many health benefits, including aiding in weight loss. This makes it a perfect dessert!

Organic Citrus Blossom

Citrus Blossom is a sweet tasting blend of rooibos and aromatic citrus. Rooibos is a caffeine free herb from South Africa that has a naturally sweet flavor. When combined with fresh orange flavor it creates this beautiful dessert worthy tea. Pink rose petals and bright gold marigolds are blended into this tea making it visually stunning. Because this tea is caffeine free, it is a great choice for after dinner and before bed.

Organic Herbal Comfort

Nothing is more relaxing than a smooth cup of Herbal Comfort after a long day. This tea is dessert worthy because of its light sweet flavor. Fennel has a naturally sweet taste that complements the fresh flavor of mint in this herbal blend. This tea is also caffeine free so it is perfect for any time of day. You will find yourself coming back time and time again for this delicious cup of tea. 

Organic Sweet Matcha Original

Organic Sweet Matcha Original is a blend of Japanese matcha and cane sugar. It is a perfect blend for making smooth matcha lattes, and with only 4 grams of sugar per serving it is (nearly) guilt free! If you are new to matcha, try this easy Creamy Coconut Matcha Latte Recipe.


What are your favorite teas for dessert? Tell us in the comments below!






Organic Citrus Blossom is one of my favorites to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings!! (I especially love it iced!)



I love Organic Kingston Earl Grey! The grapefruit is so delicious, it’s almost as good as real dessert!

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