Tea Gift Guide for the 2016 Holidays!

Here it is! Our ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for tea lovers! We have found a different type of tea for every person on your list: 

First off, the Fitness Buff:

We all have that friend who loves fitness and the gym. The perfect gift for them? Our Healthy You Tea Samplers! Full Leaf’s Healthy You Samplers are specialized in both “For Her” and “For Him” varieties. With specific teas targeted at fitness, cleansing, recovery, nutrition, and overall health this sampler will help any person achieve their wellness goals!

Healthy You - For Her Tea SamplerGift wrappingHealthy You - For Him Tea Sampler

The Coffee Addict:

Got a friend trying to kick coffee to the curb? They will love matcha! With about half the caffeine of a typical cup of coffee, but an even better energy boost and incredible health benefits, matcha is a life changer! For newcomers to matcha, we recommend our Ceremonial Matcha Starter Kit. This kit includes all of the tools to start drinking matcha: a 30 gram tin of Ceremonial Matcha, a bamboo whisk with a ceramic holder, a traditional bamboo scoop, and a beautiful ceramic bowl.

Ceremonial Matcha Starter Kit

The Sweet Tooth:

Every lover of sweets will fall in love with our Fruit Blend Sampler! This collection of teas has sweet and tart flavors that will warm anyone up during the chilly winter. Indulge in the taste of cherry pie with our Sweet Cherry Berry Tea, and enjoy a cozy fruit punch with our Very Berry Bunch Tea. Tropical Escape and Fruitea Tang have bold tropical flavors and are made up of beautiful dried fruit. A perfect sweet and fruity gift! 

Gift wrappingFruit Blend SamplerTeabags

Lastly, The Eclectic:

A guaranteed great gift! With eight different tea samples everyone can find a tea they love! Full Leaf's Ultimate Tea Sampler is a combination of our favorite classic loose leaf teas and wellness blends. We have selected our bestsellers for this bold and flavorful sampler. With a wide variety of black, green, and rooibos teas, this sampler is the perfect introduction to what Full Leaf has to offer! A perfect gift for those new to tea and those in love with tea already, this sampler of premium USDA Organic teas will delight with its bold flavors, enticing aromas, and beautiful, quality ingredients.

Ultimate Tea SamplerGift wrapping

Stocking Stuffers!

Our Full Leaf Signature Leaf Infusers make perfect stocking stuffers! Available in five different colors, pick a different one for each member of the family!

Green Leaf InfuserRed Leaf InfuserOrange Leaf InfuserYellow leaf infuserBlue Leaf Infuser



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