My Tea Schedule: A Tea for Every Time of Day!

If you are like me, chances are that you always have a cup of tea in your hand. Tea is how I survive the day! Green tea, oolong, matcha, rooibos…the list goes on, but I love them all! I have decided to share my “Tea Schedule” with you. I feel it is the perfect day of tea!

Ceremonial MatchaI always start off the morning with a small cup of Ceremonial Matcha. I usually whisk one big bamboo scoopful with about 4 ounces of water. It is the perfect pick-me-up before I go to the gym. Trust me, a little matcha in the morning, and you’ll never need coffee again.

Glass Bottle Tea InfuserNext up in my day is work. I love to brew my tea
on the way to work with Full Leaf’s Glass Bottle Infuser. I am always running late, so the on-the-go bottle is a must for me. My teaOrganic Lemon Ginger Mate choice for the morning commute is Organic Lemon Ginger Mate. The caffeine boost gets me energized for the day, and it is refreshing so I feel happy when I walk into work. The Lemon Ginger Mate usually lasts me until lunch, but sometimes I will switch to Organic Pink Tea if I need a new cup.

I love to do iced tea at lunch, and right now my personal favorite isVery Berry Bunch Loose Leaf Tea Very Berry Bunch. I love the powerful fruit flavor and the gorgeous color. If you’re not into fruit teas, I recommend trying Organic Green Tea Pekoe. It is subtly sweet and very refreshing.

Organic Skinny Me Loose Leaf TeaAfter lunch, I like to do a caffeinated tea to get me going for work again. Organic Skinny Natural Tea is my usual go-to. The spicy flavors are warm and revitalizing, and the health benefits are awesome! Plus it has enough caffeine to wake me up, but not too much to where I’ll be awake all night.

In the evening, the only tea I will drink is Rooibos. It is my new obsession.Organic Green Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea Rooibos relaxes the mind and body and has even been shown to help relieve stress. My favorite is Organic Green Rooibos. I love the naturally sweet flavor, and it tastes delicious hot or iced. I recommend cold brewing Green Rooibos overnight in the fridge. It is the perfect iced tea for a hot summer evening.

So there is my current list of tea favorites for every time of day! Of course, my “tea schedule” changes a lot, but this week is pretty darn good! Let me know you think! Any suggestions?




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