Tea and Cheese, Please!

Moriah SukrawJun 20, '18

The perfect pair. We all have heard the cheese and wine story. But what about cheese and tea? We over at Full Leaf may be a bit bias-prone toward tea, of course–that's natural when you work at a tea company–but there are so many new flavor combinations that arise using cheese and tea that it becomes a whole different experience.

Black Tea + Burnt Honey Old Fashioned

Moriah SukrawDec 21, '172 comments

A Cherry-On-Top kind of tea cocktail. But with oranges. This cocktail really is the cherry on top! If you're into old-fashioned (or even just into whiskey), you'll have a jolly old time with this Black Tea and Burnt Honey Old Fashioned. Just the right balance between cocktail, sweet, and tea, it's...

Irish Barmbrack Tea Cake

Moriah SukrawDec 14, '17

A tea cake for the Irish. Or the non-Irish, too. Now are the months for comfort food. This warm tea loaf is truly a cozy delight! Warm, sweet, and beautifully scented, you aren't bound to be disappointed. This tea cake is the perfect pairing for (perhaps you guessed it) a cup of tea!

Coconut Rose Earl Grey Latte

Moriah SukrawDec 6, '17

Quiet comfort. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes... This Coconut Rose Earl Grey Latte is richly dreamy. It warms, even in the prospects of the cooling weather and winter. One sip of this dreamy delicacy and you'll know that you've gone...