The Perfect Gift

Just in time for the holidays! 

Yes, tea really is the perfect gift! Thankfully, we've done all the work for you - we've picked some of our favorite products and organized it for the special people in your life, however diverse they may be!

Full Leaf Perfect Gift Tea Layout 

The Early Bird - Morning Wake Up Sampler

This tea collection is for the early bird... or maybe even the not-so-early-bird needs this a bit more! Hard to say, really. Organic English Breakfast and Organic Earl Grey provide strong flavor for the morning, while the Organic Orange Cinnamon Spice and Organic Masala Chai provide some spice instead. All carry bold flavors with their own significant charm. This assortment is bound to wake even the sleepiest person!

The Herbal Hero - Rooibos Herbal Sampler

A happy herbal medley! This sweet and smooth combo is quite the tasty treat. Organic Red Rooibos, Herbal Earl, Blood Orange Rooibos, and Immunity pack a power punch. Organic Herbal Earl hosts our favorite flavors of bergamot, paired with orange and lavender essential oils; Organic Blood Orange Rooibos also hosts great flavor! And to top it off, we've got Immunity Blend!! Need I say more?

The Connoisseur - Premium Loose Leaf Sampler

If you aren't a high brow about it now, let me just say that you (or whomever this is for) will turn you that way. Organic Assam has a brisk and malty flavor; Ceylon Green holds a smooth flavor of green tea. Our Pai Mu Tan is so incredibly fluffy and delicately tasteful, and this Oolong is to die for! Let me be honest – I've had at least a cup a day this whole month. No joke.

There are many other samplers that I didn't even cover. Find the perfect tea package for family or friends! 

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