The Top Teas for Good Health

Living a healthy lifestyle is so important! In a world full of fast food, Netflix, soda, and video games it can be difficult to make healthy choices. One easy way to introduce a new nutritious habit into your schedule is to drink tea! Switch out your usual sugary drinks and coffee standbys with one or more of the following fresh cups of tea.



Rooibos tea is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite teas. Its smooth taste isOrganic Blood Orange Rooibos wonderful hot or iced. Best of all, rooibos is packed with antioxidants that fight diseases, and is full of minerals that build strong teeth and bones. I love that it is naturally decaffeinated, and actually helps me go to sleep at night. Ready to explore rooibos? Check out our Organic Blood Orange Rooibos! Sweet and smooth, and absolutely beautiful in loose leaf.



Pu-Erh is growing in popularity because of its awesome health benefits! The healthOrganic Mint Cocoa Pu-Erh benefits of Pu-Erh include cholesterol reduction, weight loss, stress relief, and more! Pu-Erh’s natural earthy flavor makes it a great base for creating unique teas. One of Full Leaf’s creations is Organic Mint Cocoa Pu-Erh. Spearmint and cacao nibs mix with the Pu-Erh to make a rich flavor that is a perfect sinless treat. 

Green Tea

For years we have heard about the power of green tea. Why? Because it is amazing!Organic Pink Loose Leaf Tea Green tea is full of enzymes, amino acids, and other dietary minerals that make it a powerhouse tea for health and wellness. My pick for green tea? Full Leaf’s Organic Pink Tea! Along with antioxidants for overall health, Organic Pink Tea is composed of herbs that help balance your mood, increase your circulation, and help aid the balancing of your hormones! It also helps prevent urinary tract infections, making it a great choice for complete female health!



Oolong is best known as a weight loss aid. However, it can also increase mentalOrganic oolong qilan
 awareness, and can help prevent cancer, tooth decay, and heart disease! Talk about an incredible tea! Oolong tastes amazing, and is definitely a favorite of mine. Full Leaf Tea’s Organic Oolong Qilan is hard to beat. Its smooth flavor has a subtle nutty taste that is soothing and delicious!



The latest tea to dominate the health scene is matcha. Matcha lowers cholesterol,Ceremonial Matcha provides stress relief, improves metabolism, and gives a boost of energy! Matcha comes in many variations and grades and it can be hard to choose between them all. My two choices? Ceremonial matcha and Sweet Matcha Energy. Ceremonial Matcha tastes great prepared in traditional fashion. Whisk ceremonial matcha with hot water and you have a perfect morning pick-me-up. You’ll never go back to coffee again! Sweet Matcha Energy is my go-to drink before heading to the gym. The guarana gives me all the energy I Sweet Matcha Energyneed to power through a workout, and the abundance of antioxidants help me stay healthy! Matcha is a must for any tea or coffee lover. You’re about to have a new favorite! 

I hope you love these awesome health boosting teas! A cup of tea (or two or three) a day is a great, easy step towards your next health goal. Are you up for the challenge? I know I am!




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