Highlighting Our Nine New Blends!

New teas are here!

And not just any teas, but some Premium Loose Leaf tea as well as a plethora of Wellness Blends! These teas are most definitely to the nines – buoyant and high-class. Our artisan blender has been hard at work to bring you these special blends to help with your health. Featuring both new as well as classic tastes, along with some new ingredients, you're going to want to sample them all. And believe me, I have!


*Full Leaf Tea Company Nine New Blend Release To the Nines Blog Two New Premium Loose Leaf Teas* 


Let me just say this: I. Love. This. Tea. It's all over for me. Step aside tea–all my previous favorites, that is–as a new monarchy has arrived. This roasted twig tea has mild, nutty notes that compliment its softly smoked flavor. And let's also not forget that it's green tea qualities that are a complimentary package when you drink this tea! This classic tasting tea fits right at home here at Full Leaf Tea Co.

Herbal Chai

You can now enjoy your favorite spicy chai flavors as a non-caffeinated, herbal option! Made with only organic ingredients, including our Organic Rooibos, this tea is naturally decaffeinated without any processing. The sweet taste of Rooibos mingles with the spicy sweetness of chai. If it wasn't your favorite, it will be now.


Full Leaf Tea Company Nine New Blend Release To the Nines Blog Organic Premium Loose Leaf and Organic Wellness Blends

Relieve Stress Tea

If lavender itself isn't enough to relieve your stress, the other ingredients in this blend will. Passion flower helps promote restful sleep, while lemon balm improves mood and reduces anxiety – can I get an amen! Holy basil rounds out this blend by helping to reduce physical and psychological stress.

Herbal Comfort

Comfort yourself with this new blend of organic licorice root, peppermint, fennel, and basil. Peppermint is known for calming the stomach and body, while licorice soothes areas of bodily pain, such as the throat and joints. Fennel has been found to lower blood pressure, while basil helps boost happiness. Soft and soothing, this warm tea will wash away your worries.

Lung Health Tea

There are quite a few ingredients in this blend to give the support you need for your little lungs. Ginger root relieves congestion and increases circulation to the lungs; licorice root soothes the respiratory system and relieves irritation; lemongrass helps bring relief from coughs and colds while strengthening your immune system. A few new contenders to add to our pantry include ginkgo biloba, sage, oregano, and slippery elm. Ginkgo biloba (and a funny name at that) may help to reduce symptoms of asthma. Related to the mint family, sage is a fabulous source of antioxidants, reduces inflammation and provides relief from congestion. Oregano can help remove toxins and helps with allergy symptoms. Slippery elm also provides relief to sore throats, coughing, and other respiratory ailments. Talk about a powerhouse!

Heartburn Relief Tea

It's quite possible that inflammation may be one of the main causes of heartburn. Use this tea to fight your heartburn back to its rightful place! Turmeric reduces inflammation, while ginger root and fennel help to improve digestion. Licorice root helps improve mucus production and provide relief from acid reflux. Marshmallow root and slippery elm coats the throat to soothe irritation from coughing. Quick, sweet relief!

Healthy Heart Tea

Who needs beans when you've got Organic Healthy Heart Tea? This tea houses both green and white tea – because why not both? Green tea's flavonoids help to reduce inflammation and blood pressure, while white tea hosts a plethora of antioxidants which are good for reducing heart disease risk! Cinnamon fights high cholesterol and high blood pressure, hawthorn berry can help prevent cardiovascular disease, and turmeric reduces inflammation. A happy heart means a happy life!

Healthy Colon Tea

Needing a cleanse? Never fear! Organic peppermint, chickweed, slippery elm, senna, and fennel are here! Peppermint refreshes this blend with a smooth flavor while also helping soothe stomach and body; chickweed is a mild laxative that also aids in inflammation. Slippery Elm can help relieve symptoms for those who suffer from IBS or bloating. Senna treats constipation and inflammation, and fennel rounds out the bunch by aiding in digestion!

Healthy Vision Tea

Need a little something extra for your eye health besides eating bunches of carrots and becoming Bugs Bunny? Organic Healthy Vision Tea, at your service. Green tea contains catechins which are beneficial for eyesight. Ginkgo biloba helps increase blood flow to the eyes, which helps to both protect and preserve the eyes. Anise seed provides this tea with its delicious taste, but also helps with regulating blood sugar. Bilberry leaves are quite an ancient aid in helping with eyesight! It helps to improve night vision while protecting against glaucoma and cataracts. Fennel's vitamin C helps to prevent macular degeneration by reducing inflammation, and turmeric aids alongside it. 

Full Leaf is your one-stop-shop for all your tea health needs!

Who needs a new collection of teas?? I sure do!!



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