Matcha On-The-Go Kit

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Make matcha quickly and easily with this exclusive matcha set! Our Matcha On-The-Go Tea Set includes a 1.5 oz tin of matcha and a Vacuum Flask Infuser Bottle. Choose between either Ceremonial Matcha or Organic Premium Matcha, and use the bottle to quickly brew a perfect cup of matcha. Add a scoop of matcha to the bottle, pour in your desired amount of hot or cold water, push the infuser back in place at the top of the bottle, and then shake the bottle until the matcha becomes frothy. Instant matcha! Made of stainless steel, the Vacuum Flask Infuser Bottle is perfect for hot or iced loose leaf tea or matcha. It keeps your drink at the perfect temperature for hours! Product dimensions for the flask are 8.75" in height by 2.5" in circumference.

This tea set makes the perfect gift! Give your friends and family all the essentials to start making their own matcha!

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Caffeine Content: Medium/High

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