Pretty and Pink - Cardamom Passion Tea

Pretty and Pink - Cardamom Passion Tea

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Pink for all the right reasons <3

It's almost Valentines Day, so we are celebrating pink with all of our pinkiest teas! Get in on the pink sensation with these three teas: Organic Pink Tea, Organic Passion Tea, and Organic Pink Grapefruit!

Pretty and Pink Loose Leaf Teas Pink Passion and Pink Grapefruit Full Leaf Tea


Our USDA Organic Pink Tea is most definitely our ultimate, natural women's wellness blend! Our easy Organic Sencha green tea is combined with lavender and hibiscus for an herbally sweet and satisfying experience. Additionally, saw palmetto berries and rosebuds add a touch of interest – rose buds for beauty, while saw palmetto berries help to prevent urinary tract infections, helping make you feel "good as new"!


Sweet and sour at its prime! This blend of Organic Green Rooibos, organic hibiscus flowers, and organic lemongrass is a fresh take on a classic taste. The best part? It turns pink in your cup! Naturally decaffeinated, and great hot or iced!


Organic Pink Grapefruit Tea is a fun and fruity take on white tea! The delicate Organic Pai Mu Tan white tea combines with a delicious aroma of grapefruit that will make your mouth water. Hibiscus, of course, takes this tea from grapefruit white tea to Pink Grapefruit! Also, a wonderful blend iced!
Now, here's the stunner we've been waiting for...

Pink Passion Tea Ingredients Loose Full Leaf Tea Company Cardamom Rose Passion

Cardamom Rose Passion Tea

A mixture of sweet, spicy, and sour. Not to mention that it's beautiful! Kind of like how all you ladies are on this special day! Okay, we will give you guys credit too! Anyone can enjoy this twisted tea blend, just take it from us. Rosebuds add a delicate floral taste, while Organic Passion Tea gives it a touch of sour, and cardamom provides a bit of spice! Need some extra sweet? Just add some honey!


– 3 or 4 rosebuds

– 2 or 3 cardamom pods

– Full Leaf Organic Passion Tea

– Honey or agave for sweetening *optional


1.) Place a teabag of Organic Passion Tea in a cup, along with the rose buds and cardamom pods.

2.) Add boiling water and let steep 3 - 4 minutes. Add honey for sweetening if you so please!

Full Leaf Tea Company Cardamom Rose Passion with Flowers Top View

Sweet, pink, and passionate!

And a happy Valentines Day to you and all your sweet loved ones!
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