COVID-19 Response

In these uncertain times, many industries and businesses are being affected. Here at Full Leaf Tea we encourage all of our customers to stay safe and secure during this season. Our doors remain open to business. We are here to help and serve you with your loose leaf tea and matcha needs. Thank you for sticking by us and supporting us. It means a lot to our small business family and our gratitude runs deep.

 A couple of the precautions we have implemented to do our part with navigating this virus includes:

  • We are complying with all state and federal guidelines including, but not limited to: social distancing, supplying free face coverings for all employees, sanitization stations, posting reminders and encouraging responsibility.
  • Our staff on hand is committed to deep cleaning in between shifts and practicing frequent cleanliness behaviors such as washing hands and wiping surfaces.

Our staff is very fortunate to not have anyone in our facility that has been sick since the start of COVID-19. Following the guidelines of local officials and the CDC we are all practicing social distancing, constant hygiene practices, and keeping isolated physically as much as possible.

A frequent question we have received concerns our supply chain. Many of our ingredients come from other countries. If you have concerns about teas and herbs that are imported from other countries, rest assured that all of the harvests of our products happened prior to any known instance of COVID-19.

We will continue to ensure all of our safety remains the top priority from our customers to employees. Thank you so much again for all of your outpouring support! Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns, it would be our pleasure to help you out!

We are stronger together and will make it through.