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Are you an influencer interested in working with Full Leaf Tea Company?

We’re looking for social media stars to be a voice for amazing tea and matcha! Full Leaf Tea Company’s mission is to offer amazing teas, matcha, and wellness blends while giving the best customer experience.

Following platforms for outreach:

While we’re always interested in testing new waters, we’re pretty adamant about the following platforms we are active on most and or have seen the best results. These are:

Social Media Requirements

We’re a company full of social media enthusiasts. We understand the importance of genuine engagement and quality content! Additionally, our desire is to build a relationship with those we work with – and as the saying goes, communication is key in a relationship. So, to be transparent, here are our guidelines when reviewing potential applicants.

Our Demographics

Full Leaf Tea Company appeals to a wide range of people due to the health benefits, flavors, and varieties of our teas. We offer top-grade loose-leaf tea for the tea enthusiast, flavored blends for the person looking for a healthy and tasty alternative, wellness blends for the person looking to lose weight, increase fitness or boost overall health, and the best selection of Matcha! We can provide more specific information to qualified applicants.

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