Energy Sampler

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Energy Sampler Energy Sampler Energy Sampler Energy Sampler

Energy Sampler

$32.80 $24.95 -24%


This sampler is a collection of our favorite and most effective energy boosting teas! From green tea to yerba mate, this sampler has a great variety of flavors!

Organic Green Energy- Organic Green Energy is the ultimate energy booster. Each cup is packed with our most energizing ingredients: yerba mate and matcha. These two teas are combined with bursts of lemon flavor to make a blend that is refreshing and revitalizing. Caffeine: High

Organic Live Fit Tea- Live Fit was specially blended by our artisan tea blenders to boost energy, enhance workout results, and aid in recovery. Live Fit has a delicious citrus taste that is mild and smooth. Caffeine: Medium

Organic Turmeric Ginger Mate- Yerba mate is an herb from South America that is a huge energy booster. High in caffeine and smooth in taste, it provides the perfect base for the rich ingredients of ginger and turmeric. Caffeine: High

Organic Sweet Matcha Energy- Guarana is added to our sweet matcha to create a delicious blend that will energize your day! Guarana is the highest source of caffeine available in nature. Guarana seeds contain 2.5 times the amount of caffeine that coffee does! Caffeine: Medium/High

Approximately 5-7 servings per loose leaf tin. Sweet matcha tin contains 5 servings.

30 drawstring tea bags included to help make the tea.

Follow the directions for each tea as listed on the tea tin.

For best results, use filtered water (water can really affect the taste of the tea if it is not filtered)

If you are not completely satisfied, let us know and we will gladly send you something else or return your money. It's that simple.