Organic Matcha Sampler

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  • Organic Matcha Sampler
Organic Matcha Sampler Sample Tea Tin Full Leaf Box Gift Wrapping

Organic Matcha Sampler

$33.00 $27.95 -15%


We are so excited to offer this special sampler with a selection of our Organic Matcha! All of our USDA Organic Certified Matcha is grown and packaged with strict regulations ensuring the highest quality of tea. This sampler is sure to please!

Each is held in view lid tins that holds 10 servings for matcha and 5 servings for Sweet Matcha, and packaged together in our signature kraft paper box.

Included in this sample: 

Organic Premium- This USDA certified organic matcha is silky smooth, vibrant in color, and packed full of nutritional components! Enjoy it by itself or mixed in your favorite smoothie!

Organic CulinaryOrganic Culinary Matcha is the ultimate nutritional, energy, and metabolism boosting powder! This matcha is perfect for using in any recipe. Add it to breads, cookies, smoothies, and more!

Organic Sweet Matcha- Full Leaf's Organic Sweet Matcha Original gives all the amazing health benefits of matcha with the sweet taste of organic cane sugar! 

Organic Sweet Matcha Energy- Full Leaf's Sweet Matcha Energy gives the ultimate energy boost! Guarana is added to the sweet matcha to energize your day! 


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