The Original Wellness Collection

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This deluxe package includes full size bags of all our original Wellness Blends! For a total of 630 servings of tea, this collection is the ultimate gift for the tea lover or health enthusiast in your life, but lets be honest, it's a great gift for yourself too! Our wellness collection is designed to provide a unique tea to address different health goals and health issues people have. This collection will support your overall health and will give you what you need to feel your best!

The following teas are included in this collection: 

Organic Detox Tea- A perfect balance of detoxification and healing, this tea will make you feel invigorated and renewed! (2oz tin, 30 servings)

Organic Vita Me Tea- Full of antioxidant rich ingredients, this caffeine free blend will keep you satisfied and healthy all day long. (4oz tin, 60 servings)

Organic Immunity Blend- Fight back against cold season! This tea helps prevent sickness and aids in relieving symptoms. (3oz tin, 45 servings)

Organic Throat Clarity- This tea is specifically formulated to help soothe sore throats.   (2oz tin, 30 servings)

Organic Skinny Natural Tea- This tea is designed to aid in weight loss. It reduces bloating, boosts metabolism, and suppresses appetite. (3oz tin, 45 servings)

Organic Tummy Balance- This tea is made up of herbs that are proven to aid in soothing the stomach, improving digestion, and balancing the body. (3oz tin, 45 servings)

Organic Liver CleanseOrganic Liver Cleanse is a robust tea which can help cleanse and detoxify the liver. (4oz tin, 60 servings)

Organic Green Energy- This tea is the ultimate energy booster. Each cup is packed with energizing yerba mate and matcha. (2oz, 30 servings)

Organic Turmeric Ginger MateThis tea is a cozy combination of highly caffeinated yerba mate, refreshing ginger root, and the superfood turmeric. (3oz, 45 servings)

Organic Turmeric Green TeaGreen tea is famous for its amazing health benefits so we combined it with the superfood turmeric. (2oz, 30 servings)

Organic Lemon Turmeric Tea- You'll love how refreshing lemon intermixes with the mild taste of white tea in this tea. (2oz, 30 servings)

Organic Sleeping TranquiliTea- This blend is specially formulated to calm your body and mind and give you a restful night's sleep. (2oz, 30 servings)

Organic Beauty Me Tea- An herbal blend that promotes healthy hair and skin. (2oz, 30 servings)

Organic Live Fit- This green tea was blended to boost energy, enhance workout results, and aid in recovery. (2oz, 30 servings)

Organic Pure Seduction for Her- This green tea is an enticing aphrodisiac blend designed for women. (2oz, 30 servings)

Organic Pure Seduction for Him- This black tea is an enticing aphrodisiac blend designed for men. (2oz, 30 servings)

Organic Pink Tea- This refreshing green tea is mixed with lavender and hibiscus creating a tea that is great for overall female health! (2oz, 30 servings)



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