Coffee vs Tea: The Caffeine Debate

Coffee vs Tea: The Caffeine Debate

Matthew HammondsFeb 22, '15

Up until a few years ago, my day ALWAYS started with at least a couple cups of dark sludge black coffee to get my caffeine fix for the day.  I couldn't function without it. I wouldn't last an hour after waking up without my first cup! The result would be piercing headaches that nothing would cure!

When I decided to switch to drinking tea instead of coffee, I was worried there wouldn't be enough caffeine for me to stay awake throughout the day. Coffee has almost 5 times the amount of caffeine than tea. How could it EVER keep me going on such little?

But guess what? I was SO wrong!  I actually felt more awake throughout the day, way more focused. I never crashed, and I stopped getting headaches if I didn't get my caffeine right away.

So why did I have more energy throughout the day on less caffeine?   

It turns out that it might not be the caffeine levels that give you a sustainable "energy boost", but rather an amino acid called L-Theanine.  This unique amino acid helps brain function by generating alpha brain waves that improve cognitive alertness and attention. (1)  

Basically, this means the combination of the two, L-Theanine and caffeine, will help your brain function better so you can be more productive throughout the day.  Sorry coffee lovers, only tea has this powerful duo.


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