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Cold Brew vs Hot Brew Iced Tea

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You may have asked yourself before, "What is the difference between cold brewed and hot brewed ICED tea?" They can both act as the perfect compliment to the HOT summer months. But, if you haven't experienced cold brewed tea, you are missing out!

Hot Brewed Iced Tea

With cold brew trending, hot brewed iced tea is what 89% of people drink when they drink iced tea. It is made by brewing or steeping tea bags in hot water, then pouring the tea over ice, or putting it in the refrigerator to cool. This method is quick, easy, and tastes great (if you use good tea).  

With this method, you can enjoy your iced tea within the hour or just after brewing if you add enough ice. Black tea is the traditional iced tea choice, but you can make any tea iced.

I personally like to use our Organic Pai-Mu-Tan white tea because it is light and refreshing. If you want a caffeine free option, try our Organic Green Rooibos (it's delicious iced!) or any of our fruit blend teas.

Cold Brewed Iced Tea

Cold brewed iced tea gives you a completely different flavor than hot brewed and it is amazing! It is smooth and has almost zero astringency. By using cold brew, you avoid acidity, preserve antioxidants, and actually lessen caffeine intake.

The downside to cold brew is you have to think ahead (a big problem for me). Instead of steeping your tea in hot water, put it in room temperature water and let it sit overnight on your counter or in your refrigerator.

It doesn't seem like there would be a difference. Iced tea is "iced tea", right?

The taste between these two methods is like night and day! Try it for yourself! 

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Full Leaf Tea Company

Hi Dawn,
Great question! There are varying opinions on whether the health benefits of tea differ when brewed hot or cold. Overall, it seems that most people agree hot-brewed tea may contain more antioxidants that cold-brewed tea. However, some sources say that shaking up your pitcher of tea before you place it in the fridge to cold brew overnight, can help increase antioxidant content to be the same or even greater than hot-brewed tea. Cold brewed iced tea also releases less tannins, resulting in a smoother brew with no bitterness.
Hope this helps!


I have been making my iced tea like this for years. I love the convenience and taste. I did wonder if you would get the same benefits of the different varieties of tea without the heat.

Full Leaf Tea Company

Hi Leah!
Great question! There is no difference in the tea leaves :) You can use any tea leaves to make cold brewed iced tea.
Hope this helps!


Is there a difference in the tea grounds or just the way it is made. In other words are the tea grounds the Same?

James Ullman

Cold brewed ice tea has none of the bitterness of conventually brewed hot tea. Try it.

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