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Green Tea for My Teeth?

Green Tea for My Teeth?


I have a confession to make, I hate going to the dentist! And I am sure I am not the only one out there! I am always looking for a reason to "wait just a little longer" before scheduling that appointment…

I practice good oral hygiene currently. I brush my teeth, floss, and remove plaque daily. I’m not sure of the apprehension of actually scheduling a dental appointment. Maybe it’s the scary dentist chair or all the loud equipment that leaves you drooling afterwards.

Whatever the underlying reason may be taking the time to practice good oral health is a must. Everyone can agree on that.

One simple way to help improve your oral health in between those short (or sometimes long) visits to the dentist is to drink green tea every day! Most of us have heard about all the health benefits of green tea, from improving mental acuity to heart health, but did you know, IT CAN BE GREAT FOR YOUR TEETH AS WELL?!

Organic Gunpowder Loose Leaf Green Tea

I recently came across an article titled "Tea is terrific for teeth (and great for gums, too)". It is filled with fascinating benefits green tea has on our teeth. Do take the time to read it, it is worth the read. This one excerpt of the article really grabbed my attention:

This study, published in the Journal of Periodontology, focused on 940 Japanese men aged 49-59 who had some indications of gum (periodontal) disease such as bleeding or receding gums. Virtually all who drank a minimum of one cup of green tea each day showed improvement in gum recession and their gums bled less, too. The researchers suggested that the improvement was the result of catechins in the green tea that interfere with the inflammation that results from bacteria in the mouth.


Isn't that awesome! So not only does green tea help prevent future issues with your teeth, it also helps reverse bad teeth and gums.

After a few years of bad oral hygiene practices with myself, my gums have bled when I started to get back into the groove of brushing daily. It was in this not taking care of myself properly that just the sight of the bleeding led me to jump ship again in my recovery. While it wasn’t something that was easily fixed overnight I needed to jump into a routine that was sustainable.

Someone like me, that goes a long time in between dentist visits, can take the simple step of embracing a cup of green tea daily. While it may not get rid of the need to visit your oral health care practitioner, it can greatly increase the overall health of your teeth for when you do go in for those cleanings.

Don’t let years of abuse rob you from drinking a simple cup of tea to improve your health. It is literally that simple and I hope that all of you that are reading this really do take this step of commitment, even if it is just a couple times a week at first.

My favorite green tea that helped me get into the daily routine of drinking green tea was our Organic Ceylon Green. It is a wonderful long leaf tea that has a smooth taste and sweet aroma. I brew a pot of it and keep pouring new water as the day goes on. It's a simple way to reuse the same tea leaves for multiple brews.

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