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Organic Catnip | Not Just for Cats 🐱

Organic Catnip | Not Just for Cats 🐱

Catnip is an herb that I had always thought was exclusively enjoyed by cats. Little did I know that one day we would carry it as a tea! 

Organic Catnip has appeared in a few of our blends in the (Organic Migraine Relief and Organic Flu Remedy) but it has enough health benefits to give it its own spot in our product line! 

Catnip tea has been used for centuries to promote sleep and relaxation along with calming digestive upsets. Its main benefits include diminishing anxiety, treating insomnia, and calming the digestive system. 

Organic Catnip has a grassy smell and very light flavor and color when steeped. Drinking it plain is similar to drinking very minimally flavored hot water but I enjoy adding a little honey and sometimes milk to give it extra flavor. 

Are you going to give Organic Catnip a try? Buy a bag and share it with your feline friend! 

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