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Tea of the Week | Organic Circulation Support Tea 🫀❤️

Tea of the Week | Organic Circulation Support Tea 🫀❤️

Hey tea lovers! We are so excited to have just launched 6 new teas this week and wanted to feature one of them for this week's Tea of the Week! 

Introducing; Organic Circulation Support! This blend is made with 7 natural ingredients and has a spicy and earthy flavor. 

Ingredient Breakdown

Organic Assam: Assam is a rich black tea that has been proven to help open up arteries and improve blood circulation. Additionally, black tea has been shown to help lower cholesterol and and assist in preventing blood clots. 

Organic Ginger: Ginger has been known to improve body circulation because it contains magnesium, chromium, and zinc. Drinking ginger teas can also assist in lowering blood pressure and helping to prevent heart attacks. 

Organic Cacao Nibs: Cacao nibs are a less processed and less sweet version of dark chocolate. Cacao contains flavanols which promote circulation and healthy blood pressure by increasing production of nitric oxide. This maintains the elasticity of blood vessels.

Organic Hawthorn Berry: Hawthorn has been shown to protect against heart disease and help control high blood pressure and cholesterol. Both animal and human studies suggest hawthorn increases coronary artery blood flow, improves circulation, and lowers blood pressure.

Organic Turmeric: Turmeric is an amazing ingredient overall and is known to help increase blood flow. Additionally, both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine have utilized turmeric since ancient times to open blood vessels and improve blood circulation. 

Organic Ginkgo: Ginkgo is added to this blend because laboratory studies have shown that ginkgo improves blood circulation by opening up blood vessels and making blood less sticky. In addition, ginkgo has shown to improve overall vein health. 

Organic Black Pepper: Although this ingredient is usually something cracked onto savory dishes, black pepper appears in this blend for its ability to open blood vessels and quicken circulation. 


If you want a fun way to spice up this tea, try out this Vanilla Spice Iced Circulation Tea recipe!


Want to learn more about Organic Circulation Support? Check out our video! 

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