Organic Tummy Balance


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Caffeine Content: None

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Herbal Tea

Country Of Origin: USA

Organic Tummy Balance is our unique wellness blend that is good for overall stomach health! It is made up of herbs that are proven to aid in soothing the stomach, improving digestion, and balancing the body. Soothe your stomach and relax with a cup of Organic Tummy Balance.

Caffeine Content: None

Ingredients include...

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Customer Reviews

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Kenzie Hobson
Effectiveness: 5
I have a lot of

I have a lot of stomach issues and usually drink the tea blend at the store with ginger but wanted to try this one because it has other flavors in it. I definitely recommend. It helps my stomach not hurt and not feel as bloated from it. It also tastes a lot better than the store bought tummy control teas

Effectiveness: 5
Tummy Balance

I really didn't think I would like this one too much, but it's delicious! It has a nice minty aftertaste and is soothing on the stomach, my new go-to tea!

Alicia Chen
Effectiveness: 5
I have really uncomfortable bloating

I have really uncomfortable bloating that can last for days. Ever since taking this tea at night, I no longer have that!

Effectiveness: 5
Best stuff ever

Omg I love this !!! It’s definitely help me with bloating and digesting issues ! Amazing

Nancy Moore
Effectiveness: 5
Tummy balance has been working

Tummy balance has been working great for me in getting my digestive issue to clam down. I'm drinking a cup right now, and will be ordering it again next week.