Our Commitment To Sustainability

Less Packaging

Compared to bagged tea, loose leaf tea uses significantly less packaging. Bagged tea requires as many bags as there are "servings" for its package. While we do sell tea bags for your loose leaf tea, we highly recommend our infusers. Some people also enjoy brewing their loose leaf tea in a french press. 

Biodegradable & Plastic Free Tea Bags

Many loose leaf tea sellers use biodegradable tea bags for their teas, and we're no exception (one of the many reasons we love the loose leaf tea community)! Our teabags aren't just biodegradable; they're also free of plastic! If you don't have an infuser or prefer to use tea bags, have peace of mind knowing they're good for the environment!

Reusable Packaging

Our packaging is both reusable and recyclable! We also offer boutique tins to compliment your kitchen; these tins are great for refilling time and time again!

Efficient Warehousing

Our warehouse and office spaces are lit with fluorescent lights, saving 400% more energy as compared to incandescent light bulbs. We also use an efficient climate control system to maintain temperatures of our products and office space. All orders from the same address are combined into one delivery, and we work to ensure little to no waste of products or materials.