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Five Tips for Improving Energy

Five Tips for Improving Energy

Keeping your energy up can sometimes be a struggle. But staying energized is important for making sure you are the most productive that you can be. There are a lot of small things you can do to increase your energy in your life. Here are 5 tips for amping up your energy:

1. Sleep better

One of the most obvious ways people think of when wanting to increase energy is to sleep more. The average adult should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Making sure you get enough sleep is very important, but it is also important that the sleep you are getting is quality. Ensuring that you are getting a quality night sleep and hitting that REM cycle can help increase energy. Try turning off your screens two hours before bedtime, make yourself a warm cup of our Organic Sleeping TranquiliTea, and grab that book you’ve been meaning to read for months. This will give you time to wind down before bed and help you have a deeper sleep.

Woman Sleeping

2. Eat high energy foods

The food that you put in your body can affect your energy levels. In the morning make sure you are eating the most important meal of the day. Try breakfasts high in protein, like this recipe for Matcha Overnight Oats + Green Smoothie Booster, to start off your day right. When you encounter an afternoon slump try to eat a protein-packed snack to give you a boost. Eat a handful of almonds or an apple to increase energy throughout your day. Try to stay away from sweets as added sugars can lead to a crash in energy levels.

 Healthy Foods

3. Enjoy the outdoors

Go for a bike ride, have a picnic, take a walk in a local park, whatever it may be get outside! Being in the outdoors promotes exercise because many outdoor activities include physical activities. Regular exercise can naturally increase your energy. Going outside for even just 20 minutes a day has been shown to increase alertness, it might give you that extra boost to make it through your workday. Make sure to wear sunscreen!

 Woman getting ready to work out

4.  Stay hydrated

Drinking water is so important for many reasons, but energy is a major one. Dehydration can decrease brain function making you less alert and less on top of your game. Make sure you are replenishing your body with H2O. Try to bring a reusable water bottle with you and track how many times you refill it throughout your day. Try our Full Leaf Vacuum Flask to enjoy your tea in the morning and fill with water throughout the day for extra hydration. You can also eat foods that are high in water such as cucumbers or strawberries to keep you hydrated!

 Woman Smiling With Infuser Bottle

5. Drink tea

Drinking tea can provide you with many health benefits and an increase in energy is one of them. Many teas are a great source of caffeine because they aren’t processed and are naturally flavorful without added sugars. Matcha (pictured below) has several health benefits, but is well known for its ability to increase energy with no caffeine crash. Tea can also help to ensure that you get a good night sleep so you are well rested for your next day. Our Healthy Tea System- Energize, is the perfect way to add some energy into your life. The system includes two teas: one to give you that extra boost in the morning, Organic Green Energy, and one to help you wind down and night, Organic Sleeping TranquiliTea. It also has an easy to follow guide so you stay energized all month!

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