Yerba Mate is a member of the holly family and has been enjoyed for centuries in South America. Recently, it has gained popularity throughout the U.S. due to it's many health benefits including disease fighting, weight loss, energy boosting and more! It has dozens of vitamins and minerals so drink up.

What does yerba mate taste like?

Depending on the type and quality of Yerba Mate, the flavor profile can vary drastically. Full Leaf's Yerba Mate has a mild, smooth and nutty flavor that is excellent hot or cold. It's mild flavor profile makes a great base for all of the USDA Organic blends made with herbs and no added flavoring.

How much caffeine is in yerba mate?

Yerba Mate has a moderate level of caffeine. Depending on how strong it is prepared, there can be 85mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup. The average cup of coffee can have around 100mg of caffeine.

How do you make yerba mate tea?

Add 1 tsp of yerba mate to an infuser or our Drawstring Tea Bags. Let the tea steep for 2 to 4 minutes in 8 oz of almost boiling temperature filtered water. After the tea is done steeping, remove the tea leaves from the liquid and enjoy!

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