Tea is amazing to drink hot or iced! But some teas taste especially good iced. Full Leaf created our Iced Tea collection to specifically highlight some of our favorite teas to drink iced. Besides being refreshing, these teas will keep you hydrated and healthy on those hot days!

Why Loose Leaf for Iced Tea?

A lot of times when people think of iced tea, the thought of teabags filled with crushed low grade tea comes to mind. Unfortunately by using this type of tea, one will miss out on the elegant flavors and endless combinations of loose leaf iced tea. Loose leaf allows the ability to fine tune and create a desired flavor for your cup or pitcher.

Cold Brew vs. Hot Brew Iced Tea

When preparing iced tea, there are two common methods for making your favorite thirst quencher, hot brewed or cold brewed. But what's the difference?

It's super simple, to cold brew, add the loose tea or herbs to one of our drawstring tea bags, infusers, or use a pot with an infuser built in. Combine the loose leaf tea with filtered cold water, and place it in the refrigerator to sit for at least an hour (the longer the better). Cold brewing tends to yield a sweeter more mellow flavor than hot brewed iced tea.

Note: Another awesome thing about cold brewing, you can leave the tea in the pot and continue filling it with water because you can re-steep cold brew tea multiple times!

To hot brew, use hot water and steep or brew in either a cup or pitcher. Pour over ice, add ice cubes, or leave it in the refrigerator to cool slowly.