Why should you drink matcha?
matcha health benefits

With typical green tea you steep the leaves and then pull them out of the water to drink it. However, with matcha you are actually consuming the ground down tea leaves. This multiplies the health benefits!

Where is our matcha from?
All of our matcha is from the Aichi Prefecture in Japan, one of the most renowned matcha regions in the world! Why does this matter? In order to get the best quality matcha, location is critical. Japan is the center of the matcha tradition as they have been making and drinking matcha for centuries. Not all matcha is created equal. Some companies appear as if they are offering high grade, pure matcha at a low price. However, they often add rice fillers to their matcha so you feel like you are getting a lot of product, but you are actually getting less matcha. Always make sure you check the ingredients!
What is the difference between Ceremonial, Premium, and Culinary Matcha?
All of the different grades of matcha have the same incredible health benefits, but differ in taste. The difference between the different grades of matcha is the quality of the leaves used to make them. Younger tea leaves at the top of plants that are picked earlier in harvest are the most prized leaves for matcha. Because they are younger, they contain less stems and veins. This makes them ideal for grinding into a very fine powder, and gives the matcha a sweeter and more delicate flavor. These are the leaves that are used in our highest grade of matcha, Ceremonial Matcha.

As you move down the body of the plant the leaves are bigger and more mature. Leaves that are more mature will have more stems and veins, making the matcha less fine. Tencha leaves are deveined by hand in the process of making matcha. Because the more mature leaves are more veiny, it is harder to separate every single stem and vein from the leaf. This can make the matcha more coarse. The best of these leaves are used to make our Premium Matcha, and the leaves not chosen are used to make our Culinary Matcha.

All three grades of matcha have the same incredible health benefits!

Ceremonial Matcha
  • Highest grade of matcha
  • Best/Smoothest Tasting
  • Ideal for whisking with hot water

Organic Premium and Premium Matcha
  • Second highest grade of matcha
  • Perfect for whisking with hot water as well as for use in smoothies, lattes, and other recipes
Organic Culinary and Culinary Matcha
  • Third highest grade of matcha
  • Made specifically for adding to smoothies, baked goods, and other recipes
  • Less expensive
What matcha should you drink?
It depends on how you plan on making it!
The best way to select a grade of matcha is by how you plan on preparing it.
Ceremonial Matcha is ideal for making matcha in the traditional way. For centuries, matcha has been whisked in water to create a frothy cup of green tea. Ceremonial matcha has the smoothest taste because of the high quality of the leaves used to make it, and is the best choice to truly experience matcha.
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Premium Matcha and Organic Premium Matcha are a good middle ground between Ceremonial and Culinary Matcha. They taste great when whisked with water the traditional way, and are also great for adding to recipes and smoothies. Get the incredible health benefits you want in a versatile matcha that can be used so many different ways. High quality matcha at a great price point.
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Culinary Matcha and Organic Culinary Matcha are the best to use for baking because they have all the same health benefits as Ceremonial Matcha, but are less expensive. When matcha is baked, it loses some of its flavor profile. This is why Culinary Matcha is a great option because you will get the most for your money. Whether you are an everyday cook or a master pastry chef Culinary Matcha will give all of your foods and recipes the awesome health benefits of matcha green tea.
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Sweet matcha is a great choice for people who prefer sweetened teas or matcha lattes and smoothies. Our sweet matcha is made with premium grade matcha and organic cane sugar. It is a perfect blend to add a little sweetness and a matcha boost to any recipe! We offer a wide variety of sweet matcha, including cinnamon, chia, energy, vitality, and cocoa blends! Try our easy matcha latte recipe!
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