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Why you need Ashwagndha: The Indian Ginseng

Why you need Ashwagndha: The Indian Ginseng

You may have noticed this difficult-to-pronounce, unfamiliar ingredient in several of our wellness blends on our site, such as Brain Health, Green Energy, Live Fit, and Pure Seduction for Him. This powerful little root can provide a one-two punch in so many areas of your life; it's essential to discover why and how you can get it into your diet!

Ashwagandha has many different names. It is also called Indian ginseng or winter cherry. If you've heard it referred to as a poison gooseberry and as part of the nightshade family, this is in reference to its inedible fruit, not its roots. It is a small shrub that grows no more than three feet tall. Its berries are a bright red-orange and its foliage a soft green color.

Grown primarily in the Indian subcontinent and cultivated for centuries. It has been used in ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Homeopathic practitioners will use this little root as an "adaptogen", meaning it helps you adapt to your surroundings (often referring to stress management). The part of the plant you will find in our blends is the root.

Here are a few of the leading health benefits attributed to ashwagandha:

  1. Reduces blood sugar levels
  2. Boosts brain function*
  3. Fights anxiety and depression*
  4. Helps manage schizophrenia*
  5. Helps obsessive compulsive disorder*
  6. Boosts testosterone and fertility in men*
  7. Can improve rheumatoid arthritis*
  8. Can help with Type 2 Diabetes*
  9. Increases muscle mass and strength
  10. Reduces inflammation
  11. Can lower cholesterol
  12. Improves thyroid function*

*see National Library of Medicine article on Ashwagandha's effectiveness.

If you are looking for a mental boost to help with focus and help strengthen your mental health, this little root is for you. I've been trying the Organic Live Fit daily for the past couple of weeks. I notice a boost in my overall energy and cognitive abilities. Don't just take my word for it: try some for yourself.

Just like anything that you try for the first time, I recommend having it several times to see if it's doing anything for you. It's hard for one cup of tea to make a difference with your body.

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