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We're Carbon Neutral 🌲

We're Carbon Neutral 🌲

At Full Leaf Tea Company, we're thrilled to announce our ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral. In a significant step towards this goal, we're offsetting carbon emissions by an impressive 5 kilograms for every order placed. This initiative ensures that our offset is a remarkable five times the emissions created when shipping our typical package. Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint is a testament to our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

To achieve this, we've partnered with Greenspark, a company with a strong mission to help businesses offset their emissions and contribute positively to the environment. By working with Greenspark, we're able to ensure that our efforts are impactful and contribute to meaningful environmental projects. We encourage you to learn more about Greenspark and their mission, and to explore our public climate page where you can see our current impact, supported projects, and more.

In addition to our carbon offsetting efforts, we're continuously working on other initiatives to enhance our sustainability. On our sustainability page, you can find information about how we're utilizing less packaging to

  1. Reduce waste by offering biodegradable and plastic-free teabags to minimize our use of plastics!
  2. Implement efficient warehousing practices to lower energy consumption. 

These initiatives are integral parts of our journey towards sustainability and climate change mitigation. We invite you to explore our efforts and join us in making a positive impact on the planet.

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