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Amplify Your Weight Loss Tea Cleanse

Amplify Your Weight Loss Tea Cleanse

Are you on a journey towards weight loss? Tea has so many health benefits including being able to boost metabolism and aid in weight loss. 

Our favorite combination of teas for weight loss is Organic Skinny Natural Tea and Organic Detox Tea. Check out our Healthy Tea System- Weight Loss for the complete guide on how to use these teas!

Our teas can help suppress appetite and reduce bloating, but what else besides drinking tea should you be doing to lose weight? Check out these tips!

girl stretching

#1 Get out and move around!

It's no secret exercise is good for your health, but the real secret is that exercise doesn't have to be painful or boring! Make little choices throughout your day to be more active. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, or try parking in the back of the parking lot so you can take a brisk walk to the front door. Or my favorite, enjoy a hike on the weekend with some friends or your dog! Another way to get moving you can easily fit into your routine, is waking up five minutes earlier to do some stretching. Stretching is the perfect way to get your body moving and ready to start the day!

Girl drinking from Full Leaf Tea Bottle

#2 Drink more water!

It can be so hard to drink the recommended amount of water every day. Encourage yourself to drink more water by sprucing up your glass. Try adding fresh fruit or herbs to your water to give it a little flavor and color. 

Matcha banana smoothie Whole 30

#3 Avoid processed foods and added sugars.

While doing a tea cleanse, you should also make sure to cleanse your body by eating healthy foods. Avoid junk food and sweets, and make an effort to choose whole foods like fruits and veggies. Sticking to a healthy food regimen will improve your weight loss results. Our favorite healthy snack is this Whole 30 Matcha smoothie. Yum!

woman sleeping

#4 Go to bed on time.

Getting a good night's sleep is important for your overall health. Poor sleep can lead to weight gain and a lack of energy. Drinking a cup of Organic Detox Tea before bed can help your body and mind relax leading to better sleep.

Woman drinking tea

#5 Don't drink your calories, drink tea instead!

Sugary drinks like soda or fancy coffee can be fattening. We often don't realize how many calories can be hidden in one drink! Switch out your sugary drinks for tea instead. Tea has many health benefits, but is largely known for boosting metabolism. Certain tea types are better for weight loss. Looks for teas that include oolong tea, green tea, or white tea, for the best results. 


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