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Tea of the Week - Organic Green Energy 💚⚡️

Tea of the Week - Organic Green Energy 💚⚡️

Happy (almost) St. Patrick's Day, tea lovers! 🍀 💚

This week, we chose a green tea to go with our green theme; Organic Green Energy! This blend is zesty, earthy, and packed with caffeine that won't give you a coffee crash after you drink it. ⚡️

Ingredient Breakdown

Organic Yerba Mate: Yerba mate is a south African herb with a myriad of health benefits! Not only is yerba mate packed with antioxidants, it is known to boost energy and mental concentration. Drinking yerba mate can also lead to increased athletic performance and increased immunity against infections. 

Organic Ashwagandha Root: Ashwagandha is a bush that is native to India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. Along with reducing stress and anxiety, this root can benefit athletic performance and reduce inflammation. 

Organic Lemon Peel: Lemon peel gives this blend a bright, citrusy flavor along with providing a boost of antioxidants and improving bone health.

Organic MatchaMatcha adds a kick of caffeine to this blend that won't give you a crash later. The energy matcha provides lasts longer than a typical cup of coffee along with containing easily absorbable amino acids and antioxidants! 

Organic Holy Basil: Holy basil is a member of the mint family and provides numerous health benefits including easing joint pain, lowering risk of infection, relieving stress, and reducing inflammation! 

Organic Lemon Verbena: Lemon verbena is a flowering plant from south Africa with a refreshing flavor. Along with relieving stress and anxiety, lemon verbena can aid in fat burning, protecting muscles during strenuous activities, and boosting the immune system. 


Check out our delicious virgin mojito recipe using Organic Green Energy! 


If you want to learn more, head to our YouTube channel for more info and to catch up on any Tea of the Week you may have missed. 


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