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Why Everyone is Talking About Guarana

Why Everyone is Talking About Guarana

Grown in Brazil, these powerful seeds are incredible in providing so many benefits for you. Guarana is best known for the seeds in its fruit which resemble the same size as coffee cherries. It has been used by Amazonian tribes for centuries and can become a new staple in your diet. 

While you may see it found across America in every energy drink found in gas stations, grocery stores, and coffee shops the general public is not entirely aware of this magical ingredient. It contains nearly twice the amount of caffeine that is found in its coffee equivalent. Guarana is the highest source of caffeine in the world! Crazy. Now you can see why it is found in all the energy drinks. Such a great way to boost your energy naturally!

We've utilized this incredible ingredient in our Organic Sweet Matcha Energy. It is a great way to get a double dose of caffeine beyond just our matcha and guarana by themselves. Guarana seeds are brown, so don't be surprised if this matcha looks darker than normal. This natural stimulant will keep you going for sure. 

One of the downsides we hear the most from coffee lovers when they first start exploring the world of tea is that it doesn't have the same amount of caffeine and they have a hard time making the jump to tea. This is a great answer for those customers. You can feel just as alert and awake without sacrificing your productivity.

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This short blog is to highlight all the top points of what guarana is and why you should be aware of it. While caffeine is a primary driving point in this ingredient there are still a lot of benefits to gain from it. These include: having a high antioxidant content, boosting immune system, improving focus, reducing fatigue, and even helping with weight loss. Not only has it been shown in research to provide pain relief it also has led to improved skin appearance.

As always, we recommend you consult your doctor for medical advice, especially if you’re planning to use any ingredient as a treatment. 

While bodies respond differently to each of these benefits offered, it may not be so bad to give this little potent berry a try.

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