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Crafting the perfect hot matcha latte

Maxwell Finch1 comment

First thing's first, what is Matcha? We go in-depth into what Matcha is here, but basically, Matcha is an antioxidant-rich, metabolism-boosting, caffeine packed superfood without the acidity or crash and burn of espresso. Compared to espresso, Matcha has 5mg more caffeine per 8oz!

Matcha Lattes are a perfect, customizable way to consume this healthy and energizing tea. We've created a video below you can watch to learn more about this light, delicious drink and how to craft one yourself, or you can continue reading!

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Diana Ferguson

Excellent matcha, and the recipe and instructions were perfect. Amazing the difference when the tea is properly made! I was doing it so wrong. Thank you! I’ll be back, for sure.

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