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Ginger Matcha Affogato

Ginger Matcha Affogato

Drowning in matcha

Did you know that Affogato is Italian for "drowned"? So quite literally, this is a treat drowned in matcha. And, it needs to be drowning... in my belly. Not to mention, caffeinated sweet treats are the best kind of sweet treats. If you don't believe me now, you will after you've read this. Splurge – you know you want to.

Affogato brings back memories of my stay in Italy. A few weeks wasn't nearly long enough, but enough to experience many wonderful things. The Vatican, the Coliseum, Sienna, Venice, just to name a few. One of my all-time favorite things about Italy though? The affogato. It's true! You won't find better affogato (or gelato) than you will there. Except for maybe this one.

Ginger Matcha Affogato Matcha Mixing
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