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Iced London Fog: A Better Way to Latte

Iced London Fog: A Better Way to Latte

My Foray Into Tea

I used to be a huge coffee fanatic! Parting away from coffee felt like I would miss out on the bold flavors it had to offer. My favorite drinks usually involved milk and some sweeteners, whether it was an Americano, latte, cappuccino, etc. But then I leaped, and let me tell you, tea is more versatile than you might think!

The more I loosened the reigns and became flexible with my morning drink-of-choice, the more tasteful my cup became. Need some extra "oomph" in your green tea? Give our Organic Sweet Matcha a try. Love your vanilla latte? Try Organic Earl Grey with steamed milk and honey. Can't give up the dark taste of coffee? Try one of our Pu-Erh teas!

After consuming tea, I realized how much better I felt, and how much healthier I was, no more bloating or stomach sickness!

With all the variety so easily accessible, finding the perfect tea for you is easy. And let's not forget that tea can also come iced, just like coffee. And so begins the instructions for one of my favorite iced teas!

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Iced London Fog

The iced London fog is my classic go-to, both hot and iced! Earl Grey beholds so much flavor; the vibrant bergamot adds that extra bit of happiness to your sip. If you're looking for a classic blend, Organic Earl Grey will do the trick. Earl Grey De La Creme has a sweet vanilla twist to it, while our Kingston Earl Grey provides a subtle pop of citrus to the blend. Even if decaf is more your style, a caffeine free version of this timeless favorite is our Organic Herbal Earl using rooibos! There's something for everyone.

Full Leaf Organic Tea Iced London Fog Recipe Holding the Iced London Fog
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