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Matcha Dalgona

Taryn Nugent

You’ve all probably heard by now of the Dalgona Coffee trend, where you basically get to enjoy coffee-flavored whipped cream over milk (with the main ingredient being instant coffee). What you may not have heard of is the Matcha Dalgona. Besides the great taste, there are several benefits to switching to a Matcha Dalgona over Dalgona Coffee. One of the most important reasons is health.

Since Dalgona Coffee relies on dissolvable instant coffee, it’s using one of the lowest quality coffee types available. While it may taste great, many of you may have already experienced almost instant acid reflux or heartburn. This is because to make instant coffee, you have to brew the coffee, then it’s dehydrated, then you use the dehydrated crystals to remake the brewed coffee. The process winds up adding double the acrylamide of a cup of coffee.

Acrylamide can not only damage the nervous system but also increase the chance of cancer. For those of you who have experienced instant heartburn from Dalgona Coffee, it’s likely due to the fact that instant coffee necessarily uses lower quality coffee to keep it in an easy-to-access price range. The lower quality the coffee, the more likely you are to have heartburn. 

Matcha, alternatively, actually has studies showing it can help prevent cancer and is great for your nervous/immune system and gives energy without jitters. This makes the Matcha Dalgona the perfect morning drink for those of you who want to start the morning off a little fancier.

This recipe will show you how to make a standard Matcha Dalgona and a Vegan Matcha Dalgona. 


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