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Matcha Latte with Orange Infusion

Matcha Latte with Orange Infusion

Maybe the sunshine makes me adventurous.

Maybe, maybe not. But something about the sunshine just changes everything! I'm now intrigued to brighten up my daily eating habits in any way I can. Orange essential oils are great for perking up your mood, so it seems only natural to incorporate it into matcha, right? Good energy + good attitude seems like the perfect equation for a good day. Maybe there is a formula for it, maybe not. But I'd say this recipe comes pretty darn close!

Prep time: 2 minutes || Cook time: 5 minutes || Total time: 7 minutes


-2 tsp matcha powder of choice (I used Ceremonial)

-1/4 cup hot water

-1 or 2 drops Orange essential oil

-3/4 cup milk of preference


*For those with a milk frother, put the milk into the frother and let stir.

-Put the one or two drops of Orange essential oil into the bottom of the cup.

-Make your matcha portion by putting the designated amount of matcha powder in a cup, add water, and stir until well mixed.

-Pour the foamy milk into the cup, and enjoy!

*For those without a milk-frother and in need of an easy way to make a matcha latte, check out the link below, which leads to a previous post by Kaylee on how to make the perfect matcha latte using a microwave and a mason jar!

-As a quick recap, start by making the matcha in the same way as before (add powder and water to a cup and stir).

-Microwave it for 30 seconds.

-Pour the designated milk into a mason jar and microwave for 60 seconds, until little foamy bubbles appear on the side. Screw on lid tightly, and shake for a few minutes until the milk has doubled in size.

-Add to the cup with matcha and enjoy! Voila!

Bright and Sunny!

I would say that those are the two best methods of describing its flavor. The orange is subtle, but if you give it a little time, you'll taste it - I promise! Let it soak into your palette and see what you experience!


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