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Orange Cranberry Matcha Scones with Maple Matcha Glaze

Orange Cranberry Matcha Scones with Maple Matcha Glaze

This recipe is going to be a big hit at any gathering. I think the color turned out perfect for St. Patrick's Day or Christmas, but these can be enjoyed any time of year. Something to note before you start making the dough - scones come out best when they are handled the least (the least amount of stirring, the coldest butter you can get without freezing it, etc.) Also, the dough for scones comes out very sticky and wet, so be ready to use a scraper and to reshape it after cutting the dough if you want it to be shaped perfectly. This recipe makes 8 servings if you're cutting it into wedges, or 16 if you want to pinch it into smaller, round biscuits.


This recipe is for anyone who loves the light, fluffy scones - my family couldn't get enough of these and said it was like biting into a cloud. If you like denser scones, don't use the egg in this recipe and use 1/2 a cup of flower instead of 1/3. Most of all, enjoy! :)

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