Full Leaf Vacuum Flask Tea Infuser


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$29.95 USD
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The Full Leaf Vacuum Flask Tea Infuser is our new favorite accessory! This bottle was designed to keep your tea hot for all-day enjoyment. Brew tea on the go with the sturdy infuser that secures inside the bottle or pour your already steeped tea directly inside for hours of perfect temperature tea. This vacuum flask is made of stainless steel making it the toughest teacup you'll ever own. Designed with the Full Leaf logo and motto this bottle will surely lead to "pure joy, a clean life, and inspiring tea."

  • 500 ml / 16.9 oz capacity
  • Hand wash only
  • Product dimensions: 8.75" in height by 2.5" in diameter.

Comes with: 

  • Vacuum Flask Infuser Bottle
  • Vacuum Flask Infuser Lid
  • Insert steeping basket

Directions for Use: Here are a few ways to use this fabulous bottle

  • "On the Go"- Remove the infuser basket and place loose leaf tea directly into the bottle. Add water and replace the infuser for a secure strainer while you travel.
  • Place a filled disposable tea bag filled with your favorite tea in the bottle, add hot water, and ENJOY for hours!
  • Pour in your already steeped tea directly into the bottle and enjoy a hot cup of tea all day!

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Debra Grieco
Not what i expected

So to use loose leaf tea you place the loose tea leaves in the flask, pour hot water over and then put the strainer in place at the very top of the flask. The tea brews but then you have to drink the tea thru the strainer and the tea leaves continue to sit and brew in the hot water or you would have to pour the tea thru the strainer into another cup. Neither of these are practical for an on the go situation. I want to be able to brew the tea, remove the leaves and drink from the flask but it doesnt seem to be designed to do that. Would work great for already brewed tea to keep it hot and sippable right from the flask.

Hi Debra!
Thank you for your feedback! I have a technique for making tea in the bottle which might be more what you are looking for :) Here is what I do:
1. Pour in 8 ounces of hot water into the bottle.
2. Push the strainer into place.
3. Place 1 tsp of tea leaves on top of the strainer, and close the lid to the bottle.
4. Turn the bottle upside down and let it sit for your desired steep time.
5. After it is done steeping, flip the bottle over and remove the lid.
6. Carefully remove the strainer holding the tea leaves, it will be hot.
7. Enjoy!
Let me know if this way works better for you! If you are still not loving the bottle, please email us at Customers@FullLeafTeaCompany.com and we can refund you or send you something new :)
Thank you!

Vishal Misir
Love this thing!

Awesome tea thermos, one thing they haven’t mentioned (unless they did and I didn’t notice) you can open the bottom and store a bad of tea in there. It’s sylish and functional. Will be using it for as long as I can !

Erin Malysa
Full Leaf Vacuum Flask Tea Infuser

Love it so much! I've been using it ever since it arrived. People comment on the sleekness of the matte black and ask what I'm drinking. When I say tea they raise an eyebrow but then say how nice the tea smells once I open up the Flask Tea Infuser lid. Also, I've made tea at 4:30pm and its stayed hot until 9:430pm and would have stayed hot longer but I drank all the tea. The double insulated walls are incredible just be careful to not make your tea too hot to drink, you'll be waiting awhile for it to cool down.

Gabriel Nisanov
dope products, lots of options

dope products, lots of options and all are really great quality

Daniela Romagni
It is great for loose

It is great for loose teas and anything else. The flask keep the hot water really hot so you need to wait before you can sip your tea. So far is great.