All of our Herbal and Fruit blends are 100% caffeine free. This means, caffeine has never been apart of its make up. (compared to decaf which means the caffeine has been extracted)

Enjoy any of these teas hot or iced for a refreshing and up-lifting experience without caffeine. 


What is Herbal/Fruit Tea?

Herbal and fruit tea is essentially anything that is not from the Camellia sinensis plant (black tea, green tea, etc.). There is a wide range of herbs that are in Full Leaf’s blends with many different health benefits. We combine these amazing herbs to create combinations that optimize those health benefits.

All of our herbal and fruit blends are naturally decaffeinated which makes them great to drink day or night!

Herbal and Fruit Tea Flavor Profile

The flavor profile of herbal and fruit tea blends is about as wide as you can get. We have sweet and fruity blends to rich and full blends and everything in between. Read the description of each product for more information on flavor profiles.